Battery Powered PA Hire and Microphone Hire is now easier and more affordable than ever! With up to 12 hours of battery powered use, simple use and scalable size, these simple and easy to move / fast to deploy speaker systems can make your next small presentation a snap. Great for emergency announcements, small crowd control, restaurant presentations, office groups, marriage celebrants or even a funeral celebration of life. Battery powered means fast, easy to setup and easy to transport.

Sometimes you just don’t have 240v power available – and this is when a battery powered PA Hire system can come to your rescue. They can be configured for an indoor audience of 100+ people or outdoors up to roughly 80 people.

Our hire packages come with either with one or two microphones and either one or two battery powered speaker systems.

The battery powered PA hire system come in a custom tough carry bag with drag wheels and an extendable handle which makes them exceptionally easy to move to the required location.

Setting them up is a breeze – we will pre-configure the hand-held radio microphone frequency to a suitable band for the area where you will be using the system. We can also show you how to re-scan for a clean frequency should you encounter interference onsite.

Of course, if we are delivering and setting up for you then we will take care of all frequency settings and the like onsite, ensuring a seamless production of your event.

All of these features make our battery powered pa hire systems the perfect solution for any situation where you need to be heard by up to 100 people – customer queues, shopping centre store promotions, outdoor weddings or funeral / celebration of life events, restaurant or office presentations or small meetings an conferences.