Video Conferencing is now the ‘new normal’. Zoom Meetings, Microsoft Teams – all of this have changed our lives and how we do business. When you have a Virtual Meeting or Video Conference you may find yourself with more than just one person in front of a computer. If you want to have a local meeting of 2 to 20 people your laptop camera and microphone just aren’t going to cut it – you should consider video conference equipment hire!

Our products are suitable for a variety of different sized rooms and a varied number of people – anything from 2 to 20 local people. Video conference camera hire can give you the quick solution for an impromptu meeting room, or even regular monthly sessions. Logitech Group Meeting Video Conference kits are amongst the products we provide to help you out.

Our standard video conference hire packages work for the basic setup as designed by the manufacturer and can be expanded with various upgrades to suit your specific needs. We have systems for huddle rooms through to larger meetings of 20 or more people that need to engage with remote people.

Setting up is a breeze – generally it is a very simple ‘plug and play’ solution. Consideration should be given to physical placement, cabling and configuration of your software so if you want a turn-key solution you should consider booking our professional delivery and setup service to help you our.