Location: Alice Springs Desert Park, Northern Territory
Duration: 1 Night
PAX: 400+ Delegates

Brief:  An outdoor Gala Awards Dinner with all the expected facilities and effects however located in a remote location with virtually no infrastructure.

Result: Alice Springs Desert Park is an amazing location, 10 minutes drive from the centre of Alice Springs.  it is an amazing ‘botanical garden’ showcasing Australia’s low-moisture environments, botany and fauna.  Outside the main tourist area, Desert Park has an open area set aside for events and functions.    This event presented a number of unique challenges, not the least of which was the complete lack of infrastructure – no lights, no power, no water – just hard-packed red earth.

The site before the event.

To meet the clients expectations for an Awards Dinner we needed to provide all the normal facilities – projected images, audio systems, stage area and full playback of audio and video queues throughout the ceremony.  To create the stage, our technical crew came up with the brilliant solutions of parking the two pantec trucks back to back and levelling the stage in between them.  A line was run from truck-to-truck to hang a black drape behind the stage, and both trucks were completely draped in black to hide them.

The projection screens were tied off to the trucks so they wouldn’t blow away or fall over, and our super bright, super short-throw projectors provided a brilliant image.  Our partner in this event, PCCEvents, provided heaters for delegates (it gets very cold in the desert at night!) and managed the catering, water-in and waste-out issues.

All in all, a spectacular event – take a look at the images below!