Lighting Design – Turning the Shows about to Start into Let’s get this show Started

You’ve been to your fair share of conferences as has most of your audience. We all expect a degree of simple theatrical lighting to create a general stage wash and to highlight the lectern position.  This simple set up creates a focus on the stage area at a meeting, it ensures that the presenters can be clearly seen by the audience and can be a subtle, non-verbal way of telling people ‘the show’s about to start’.

But when it comes to owning your meeting space and building excitement and anticipation, don’t underestimate the role that theme and mood lighting can play to enhance just about any meeting or event.

An event management company that specializes in stage and event lighting can design a lighting strategy for your event.  A well-executed strategy includes the right selection of fixtures and colours to help you to ‘own’ your meeting venue using your corporate or event colours. It means enhances engaging elements of the event such as your dinner by creating a party atmosphere with music or live performances. It can be choreographing the flow of the day with simple colour changes between each break helping the audience to feel refreshed and connected each time they walk back into the room and subtly making them aware of a change in topic or content.

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Lighting can be as simple and cost effective as a few coloured pieces to highlight architectural features of your venue such as sandstone walls or columns or to colour simple black drapes without the expense of fixed colour draping.

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Moving or ‘intelligent’ lighting can be used to bring flair to an awards ceremony or gala dinner.  It can also be used to project a logo or message onto the drape line, the wall or even the ceiling!


So when developing the Audio Visual strategy for your next event don’t forget the role that lighting can play and ensure there is a cohesive strategy in place to really make your event shine!

Talk to us about a lighting package for your next event today!