Playback of Video ProductionConference Data Services recently provided video production services for Abbott Medical Optics at their recent demonstration of Laser Cateract Surgery.  Conducted at East Sydney Private Hospital, the event involved filming the preparation and surgical procedures for two patients in two rooms as well as capturing a feed from the medical equipment in both rooms.  We then had a short time to prepare the footage before playing back the two video streams simultaneously for the surgeons live commentry to an audience of doctors and surgeons.

A/V Preparation

As with all events, planning and preparation are key.  We visited the hospital a number of times prior to the event to plan our camera & equipment positions and to test the interface with the medical machinery.  In doing so we were able to identify the exact output format, resolutions and frame rates from the equipment to make sure the video capture would go perfectly.

We also liased closely with the hospital staff to ensure that we did not disrupt any of their important day to day functions.  Our setup was planned to minimise the time required in the surgical room with a ‘roll-in’ / ‘roll-out’ setup.

On the day, our camera and recording crew went through a wash-up procedure and were in ‘scrubs’ while in the rooms to minimise any risks to the patients.

Medical Video Production

Each medical procedure required an initial preparation of the patient using the Catalys Precision Laser System in the first room.  To facilitate the video production, our video processing equipment was connected directly to the Laser System’s output so that the feed could be converted to a standard signal for our digital field recorder.  We then used a professional HD video camera with audio interface to capture footage of the procedure.

The CDS video production then moved with the patient into the adjacent surgery where our second set of equipment was already set to capture the video output from the Ophthalmic Surgical Microsope as well as videoing the procedure and surgeon.

Live Presentation

Our Presentation setup included a professional sound system, dual projection screens and basic stage lighting to deliver the content.  The inclusion of a few coloured lights along the side wall helped to soften the hospital environment and create a more relaxed setting for the dinner presentation.

So, with a very short amount of time between the surgery and the presentation, CDS used our high-end video production computers to transfer the footage from the digital field recorders to the presentation computers.  We then syncronised the two video streams (camera footage and medical machinery) for playback on demand.  This allowed the surgeons to present the procedure to the audience, commenting on either aspect through out and the audience were free to view whichever content was of most interest to them.


The video production and live event were challenging in both technicality and time, however with the assitance of the brilliant hospital and Abbott Medical Optical staff we were able to deliver a stimulating and informative event to the audience.

If you are planning an event similar to this, or if you are facing technical challenges and want to explore creative options then contact us or call us on 1300 852 552!