Public Speaking Tips #1

Public speaking can be terrifying for some people.  This is the first of a series of presentation and public speaking tips from CDS.  Our tips will hopefully help you to master the basic technical skills of presenting so you can focus on delivering your message.

Use the Fold Back Monitor

Remember the audience is there to see you, not the back of your head!  An inexperienced presenter will sometimes turn away from the audience to look at the screen behind them.  If you constantly turn away from them the audience will feel like you are not interested in them.  It also physically moves you away from the lectern microphone.

At most conferences there is an audio visual crew member there to operate the equipment and make sure everyone can hear you.  There is, however, very little they can do if you don’t actually speak into a microphone.  The audience won’t be able to hear you!

A good A/V company will provide a “fold back vision monitor” for your use – be sure to ask for one before the event!  Sometimes it is called a “Speaker Confidence Monitor”.  A fold back monitor is simply a computer screen between you and the audience that shows you the same content as the big projection screen behind you.

Fold Back Monitor

Fold Back Monitor

When presenting to an audience you should face forward, project your voice and use the fold back monitor to keep track of your presentation.  You will look and feel more confident and delegates are more likely to pay attention.  They will take in your message when you direct your speech to them, rather than the back of the stage!

Stay tuned for more presentation and public speaking tips in the future and as always, call us on 02 9940 3776 or contact us for an obligation free quote!