Corporate Audio Visual Stage SetsStand Out And Be Remembered

Clients are always telling us that they want delegates to remember their event – for it to be something special and different from other conferences.  Make sure your event is remembered with a custom design stage set or choose from a combination of our unique products.

Light Columns

With remote controlled intelligent lighting systems our 1 metre, 2 metre or 3 metre light columns can be used in any combination, on their own or with our other theme products to enhance your event.  Set the colours to your corporate or event brand or have them change during the event.

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CDS Motion Logo

Using full motion video, our Motion Logo adds a dynamic and interesting brand to your event.  With our design expertise we can build a concept that will  carry your message or theme for the entire event, each day or even individual sessions!  Expand your sponsorship potential by offering the same space to multiple sponsors, maximising your return.

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Light Wall Stage Set

Designed as a modular system, our Light Wall Stage Set can be customised to the venue size.  Best suited to venues with a ceiling up to 4 metres high, we can brand the wall with coloured light, projection or even couple it with our Light Columns and CDS Motion Logo for a full impact event!

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