The Brief

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POSM Solutions Pty Ltd (Point Of Sale Merchandising) produce a large range of of retail display products, including a range of disposable, cardboard display cases for supermarkets, service stations and similar environments.  These light weight products are printed with the client’s specific designs are then shipped flat packed to be assembled by their client’s staff at the destination. Responding to their clients feedback, POSM decided to further simplify the assembly process by producing a training video for each of their major product lines.  This not only simplifies the assembly process for their clients staff, it is also a selling feature for their product and a point of difference from their competitors products.


After meeting with the POSM General Manager, CDS prepared a timeline and production schedule.  We determined that the majority of their clients staff would be accessing the training video from a mobile device, so together we decided on a suitable resolution and online hosting service.  We also determine that the majority of people assembling the product would be in the 16 – 25 year old age group, so we decided that POSM would incorporate a QR Code in the design printed directly onto the product – making it easy for the mobile savvy users to access the appropriate video.

CDS then worked with POSM staff to review and document the assembly process for each of the different displays.  As part of this process a draft script was written to give us a guide to the videos and for use by the voice-over talent later in the process.

The Shoot

The shoot for all four training video’s was planned for one day on a weekend to minimise disruption to the normal day-to-day business of the company.  By using space at the POSM office and bringing in our own green screen, lighting & camera equipment we were able to save the cost of hiring a professional studio.  One of the staff from POSM volunteered her time to be the ‘talent’ in the shoot.

Needless to say it was a detailed process comprising multiple takes for each component over the eight hour day until we had enough material to be sure we could assemble each training video in the edit process.

Edit Process

With all the footage in the can, CDS returned to our office and ingested everything in our edit suite.  Then we began the painstaking process of sorting all the material, finding the best shots and bringing it into alignment with the pre-written script.  Needless to say, the script was adjusted based on the practical experience of breaking down every step in assembling each product.  Then we applied the intro / outtro, special effects and royalty free background music.  Finally, we compiled a watermarked version and made it available online for the client to review and comment.  We then adjusted the video’s in line with the clients comments – and now we are ready for the voice over!

Voice Over

The client was presented with a number of choices from the available voice-over talent before deciding on the one used in the video’s.  The voice-over talent was booked and on the day attended a professional recording studio to capture the material in line with the video.  Working with the talent, we created a few different styles for POSM to choose from.  Then our editor applied the audio recordings to the training video’s, tweeked the timing and we were done!

The Training Video


The training video’s were uploaded to the hosting site and QR Codes like this one created.  Yup – this is a real, working QR Code that will take you to one of the training video samples. POSM understood from the beginning that there was a fair amount of work involved, but we are very proud to say that we brought this product in for less than 60% of a competitors price!

Below are a two of the training video’s created – please feel free to take a look!

 If you are planning a similar production, or if you are facing technical challenges and want to explore creative options please contact us or call us on 1300 852 552!

Training Video - Cardboard Dump Bin

Training Video - POSM Flat Shelf Display Bin